Ziarat Baba Naseeb-ud-Din Gazi

Hazrat Nassar-Din (RA) popularly known as Naseeb-ud-din Gazi (RA) as per an article issued by Jammu and Kashmir Cultural Academy, was basically from Rawalpendi and has come with his father Mr.Hassan Eazi to Kashmir, But Baba Nasseb described himself as “Naseeb Kashmiri” which indicates that Baba Naseeb was perhaps born in Kashmir when his father came to Kashimir from Rawalpendi. According to the article, Baba Naseeb, at the age of 7 years only went to Hazrat Sheikh Hamza Makhdoomi for attaining spiritual teachings, later Hazrat Makhdoomi handed over Baba Naseeb to Hazrat Sheikh Dawood Khaki. Baba Naseeb was an able Kashmiri and Persian writer. According to Prof.Ghulam Mohamad Shah, Mugal King Jahangir on hearing about the pious life of Baba Naseeb Gazi , invited him to his kingdom which was turned down by Baba Naseeb and sent a  poetic letter to the King Jahangir. During preaching of Islam, Baba Naseeb Gazi visited most in-accessible areas at that time which include, Tibet, Karnah, Iskardu, Dardistan, Baltistan, Kishtiwar, Doda, Bhaderwah, Poonch, Rajouri, Nowshera etc. He constructed 1200 mosques, bathrooms, Musafir Khanas, bridges and planted trees on both sides of roads wherever he went to apprise people about the teaching of Islam.
Baba Naseeb-ud-din Gazi according to some reports left for abode at the age of 82 years in 13th Muhhram 1047 Hijri and was buried at Bijbehara, 07 kilometers from Anantnag town. A mausoleum was constructed there by Haji Baba ( Sheikh Fateh-ud-din Abdual Rehman) but later it was reconstructed by his son Baba Mohd Zahid in 1715.
According to reports, Baba Naseeb Gazi has written about 22 books mostly in Arabic and Persian. Baba Naseeb Gazi and several disciples the famous among them are, Sheikh Momin, Haaj Baba, Baba Abdullah Guzaryali, Mohd Amin Sofi, Mula Zehri Kashmiri, Khawaja Mohd Amin Gazi, Mulla Tayub Tahiri etc.